Why Buy from Us?

We put our customer above everything else. Here are the top reasons why people buy their sewing machines and use our services.


We are an All-in-One Sewing Machine Shop and our devotion is to provide All Your Sewing Needs


∗ We Sell All Kind of Sewing and Embroidery Machines Retail and Wholesale.

∗ We sell Sewing Parts and Accessories Retail and Wholesale.

∗ We have Repair and Service Center.

∗ We have More than 45 years of Experience.


  1. We are the only company in Saudi Arabia that provides all-in-one service for Sewing Machine

We provide all kind of Sewing Machine, Sewing Machine Accessories & Parts, Sewing Machine Repair, Sewing Machine Service Centre, Embroidery Software Training. You can expect the best advice from our experts.


  1. We sell more sewing machines than any other dealers

We carry a wide range of sewing machines, embroidery machine, cover stitch machine, industrial machines and many others. We sell more types of sewing needs than any other dealers.


  1. We have in our collection more sewing machine brands than any other dealers in Saudi Arabia

We are the main distributor and authorized reseller for JUKI, JANOME, BROTHER, JACK, HASHIMA, TRANSMATIC, SILTER, KM and many more from around the world.


  1. We have sewing machine repair, servicing and training department in ours every branch in Saudi Arabia.

We have certified our own technical team for service and repair in our sewing machine service center, and we understand sewing machine more than anything else. For few decades. We provide aftersales service for all of our new machines.


  1. We have more than 45 years of experience in sewing machine industry

Our company started journey more than 40 years ago. The company is inherited family running business, which everyone of us share the passion to solve problem for the sewing machine industry.


  1. Sewing machine is in our adoration and it is our life

We are here to solve problem, and we are very open for new ideas about sewing machine industry, utilizing latest technology to improve your shopping experience.


  1. We run our own retail shop and our own online store

You can visit any of our retail shop any time. To find our retail shop address go to our store location page by clicking on store location menu.


  1. We have a dedicated team that have great experience

We have dedicated team that know all about sewing and embroidery machines. You will love to work with them.


  1. We provide you 2-years of service warranty for all of our machines

You will get 2-years of free service warranty from any machines you buy from us.


  1. We are an established & registered company in Saudi Arabia.